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Terrible UX Trends for 2017

Pay attention, these are going to take over the UX universe.

Christian Beck
Feb 7, 2017 · 6 min read

🔥 Hot New UX Techniques

Greyer Grays

Instagram 3.0
Got a lot of DM’s wondering why the hell we asked this pointless question.

Scrollbars in virtual reality

Origami Prototyping

The new Pokémon Go app coming out in 2017

Hot new job titles

Principal Design System Architect

Leaked prototype of Adobe’s new Design Bot CC™

Principle Designer

Sketch Runner


Associate Eye Trackers

In time, young eye tracker. In time.

Drone Choreographer

Fun fact: Drones are not fooled by poker faces. God Bless America!

Design Mega Trends

Askew-morphic Design

Flat VR design

Before and after a VR Redesign I’m doing with our Principle Designer.

Brutal Design

At the end of the run, you inhale carcinogenic (but colorful!) chemicals

Real-Life Conversational UI

A mockup for a new project I’m working on for eHarmony (using a Bootstrap theme in Sketch).
My favorite designer response from 2016

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