The Best Product Design Team Blogs, (Updated for 2019)

Christian Beck
Jul 29 · 4 min read

A couple years ago I gathered the best design teams on Medium. I wanted to update the list (and expand out beyond just looking at Medium) because I think many design students and any curious design professionals look to best-in-class for inspiration and learning.

While I’d hesitate to call this an exhaustive list, I certainly tried my best to gather every blog I could find from the best product design teams in the industry. How do I determine the best teams? I used a very scientific method of starting with products I really like, then found a lot of other popular teams I hear about. Science!

I’m happy to see so many teams blogging about their process, projects and philosophies (although I was disappointed to find so many are inactive). The writings are typically skewed towards more mature product teams but I think that’s a good thing. There are plenty of people writing about design (ahem, yours truly) but I personally find a lot of value in learning from the best. I hope this guide is helpful and if there are any missing let me know in the comments!

I wanted the list to be fairly comprehensive but as I dug into the blogs, many more were inactive than I anticipated. So here’s a shortcut for the active ones:

  • Airbnb
  • Atlassian
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Shopify


The content here is a bit all over the map. It includes interviews with creatives, profiles of destinations, and other design events. But mixed in with this are some great articles that cover topics distinct to their team, from design systems to inclusive illustrations.


If you scroll below the job postings, you can see their writings (which are actually hosted on Medium). They haven’t posted in 2019 but hope that changes.


Atlassian continues to be one of the top design teams when it comes to sharing helpful content. I can’t recommend following them highly enough. From a global team that’s grown both organically and through acquisitions, with products sold to every stage company, their breadth of knowledge is expansive. Alastair Simpson writes gems on a regular basis. It’s also worth checking out their broader (read: not design-exclusive) blog, Work Life.


Dropbox’s team write about their own work and leads the way when it comes to UX writing and data-informed design. I also love when they feature personal stories from their team that don’t necessarily reflect Dropbox itself , such as Kate Apostolou’s “Ladies Get Loud” article — it helps connect readers with their team on a personal level.


Inactive. Haven’t posted since 2017. Even their other design site isn’t active.


I’ve been fairly open about my disdain for Facebook but my desire to make this list all-inclusive overrode my personal objections. Despite Facebook’s collective lack of scruples about privacy, brain development, fomenting hate speech, and selling your personal data don’t bother you, the company does (sadly) employ some great designers and researchers.


Google has been sharing content from their team for years and this site serves both to highlight their thought leadership throughout the web, and with articles written exclusively on their blog. I actually find their case studies in using their design system to be useful. But this blog is at its best when its featuring methods from their world-class team, such as this article covering survey methods.


This is less of a blog and more an insight into how IBM’s design team and services work. I included because it might be interesting for designers wanting to understand what large-scale enterprise companies look like.


Inactive. It exists, I can at least say that much.


Inactive. Including here just to include it but this one never really got off the ground in a meaningful way.


Inactive since 2016.


Inactive. Well, the blog exists, but no new content for several years. Their design team practices are as much of a black box as their show ratings.


This isn’t very active but there’s some good posts here, including their design team’s recommendations for 2019. I also love that this blog uses Quora itself.


Shopify’s specialty is the intersection of front-end development and UX. But they write about anything UX related from design systems, to localization, to content strategy.


This one is also fairly inactive. They have covered areas that are big concerns for a platform like accessibility, and soft skills in design professionalism.


Inactive. Following the Lyft and Netflix approach of writing two articles on Medium and calling it quits. I assume I speak on behalf of all Strava users that their design team is too good not to be sharing their expertise!


Inactive. Once upon a time they actively posted about design and research practice. I’m including them in here in hopes that readers might send them a gentle nudge to startup again :).


This is fairly unique in this group because most of their posts seem to be campaign-oriented rather than writing about methodology or design process. They haven’t posted in 2019.

Let me know if I’ve missed any good design team blogs (products, not agencies), in the comments!

When I’m not building exhaustive lists, I’m helping designers get faster with Sketch design tools at UX Power Tools, and leading design at Innovatemap, a digital product agency based in Indianapolis.

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