Tiny Trend

Tiny Trend #4: Vegetation Overlays

Dashes of flair to kick your designs up a notch.

UX Power Tools is featuring new authors (like me) as a part of their TinyTrends series. Sweet. Now let’s see what the next little thing is.

Wouldn’t it be cool and unique if your design featured text with vines/flowers/leaves wrapping around the letterforms, as if they existed in the same 3D space?

Yeah, it would be cool.

But it wouldn’t be unique, because wow, this one’s been done before.

Dribbble, show us what you got.

by Natalie Kirejczyk

Look at the word “Forest” just sitting in that forest.

by Ernest Asanov

Or the “404” here. The page may not exist, but those stems are so real I could reach out and touch them. Except…thorns? Bad idea.

Apparently Seattle bears a pretty large share of the blame for this Tiny Trend. Our native son Nathan Yoder is pitching in.

by Nathan Douglas Yoder

And recent Seattle-transplant, the inimitable Claudio Guglieri, is on board with flowers.

by Claudio Guglieri

And if we’re talking Tiny Tiny Trends, then we’re seeing something new sprouting up; the hottest new sub-sub-fad is mushrooms.

by Viet Huynh
by D. Watson

Finally, the biggest instigator must be Ian Barnard, who’s posted two such floral overlays to Dribbble. Count ’em with me. One…

by Ian Barnard


by Ian Barnard

The studio version of this award goes to Tubik Studio. Their Eric Asanov was featured above, but Sergey Valiukh was the one who cranked the grain up to 11.

by Sergey Valiukh

We’ll wrap up with an overlay from the coolest plant of all time, the fantastic and mysterious monstera deliciosa.

by Petra Sitaru

What we’re seeing is something that’s simply not as easy to implement in popular programs like Sketch. In the age of design-by-rectangle, having an interwoven image is a signal — conscious and sub — that your design goes above and beyond whatever everyone else is doing.

That and it just looks super slick.

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