Tiny Trends

Tiny Trends #5: Floating Logos — “Flogos”

🎶 Do you realize we’re icons floating in space 🎶

Do You Realize?” is one of the greatest songs ever by the Flaming Lips (or “Flips”, a nickname I just made up) and serves as the backdrop for the latest tiny trend: Floating Logos. In fact this trend is so tiny and new we are giving it its own name: Flogos.

Back in the old days (sometime in 2016), people would put logos on their site in a grid. But those days are quickly ending as the flogos of products you integrate with, or companies that use your product have broken free from this rigid grid. They have taken flight and are confidently floating around the outskirts of product sites. They hint that they are there without making their presence obvious.

Let’s see who’s logos are floating in space…

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