Things I found on the web this week (12th October)

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This week: the art of the user interview, how is your investor pitch deck looking? why Whatsapp is the best messaging tool, how to design better push notifications, and robots are coming soon to HIA!

Here are the things I found interesting on the web this week.

Happy reading!


Why Whatsapp’s design makes it the best instant messenger

“The subtle design choices that nobody talks about.” A nice comparison of the major messaging clients and why small design choices can have a big impact.

How To Design Notifications For Better UX

“Notifications are anti UX. They are a distraction.” So how should you design your notifications so that they are purposeful and useful?

Why a Design Sprint is Better Than Real Life (and how to Keep Those Vibes When the Week Finishes)

Why taking a design sprint ‘vacation’ can leave you feeling refreshed and energised, AND provide you with brilliant new product ideas as well.


Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Startups

Any startup who wants to attract funding (that’s basically every startup) needs one of these. How is yours looking?


Blockchain and the future of work

“Blockchain has the potential to improve the functionality of labour markets and address some of the major challenges in the world of work.” Lots of potential for new startups here.


Journey Mapping is Key to Gaining Empathy

“Journey mapping is a tool used often at the analysis phase of the design process to understand how a user would experience your product.” If you’re not doing any your product will suffer.

Why the Email Confirmation Field Must Die

If you want to increase correct email submissions, you need to redesign your email field. Period. Khallas.


The Art of the User Interview

Everything you need to know about conducting useful user interviews.


Hamad International Airport & SITA partner to enhance innovative solutions at airport

Exciting use of various technologies coming soon to Hamad airport: “Trials will … be held to evaluate the effectiveness of robots for passenger facilitation; block-chain technology for rapid and secure sharing of data … and the potential use of augmented and virtual reality for operational concepts.”

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