Things I found on the web this week (14th September)

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This week: learning from an Uber and Tesla design intern, tips on securing seed funding, forget Facebook and go physical instead, why design thinking will transform your startup, build better products with Lean.

Here are the things I found interesting on the web this week.

Happy reading!


Design Better Forms

Common mistakes designers make and how to fix them — some great examples that you can use to brief your design & development team.

What I Learned as a Design Intern at Tesla and Uber

For all you designers out there! A sweet reflection from a design intern that we can all learn from.

Minimal UI for maximum impact

“Studies suggest that failure to create a winning first impression and user experiences are a major reason behind failure of apps.” Here’s how minimalist design can win over customers.


Forget Facebook, Moo says the future of connections is physical

Of course, we know this in Qatar where face-to-face contact with a business card in hand is standard practice. But what’s your ‘physical items’ marketing strategy?


Innovation By Design Awards 2017

Fast Company have got in early with a best of 2017 list, and it’s packed full of inspiration so check it out.


Why you need Design Thinking and how to put it into practice

“Design thinking has the power to take you and your team through the trickiest of problems — often with a winning solution on the other end.” Trust me, this works.


Being Lean: Don’t Speculate to Accumulate, Validate to Succeed

“This [‘Speculate to Accumulate’] approach seems to be used time and time again when it comes to product development — blindly investing hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not millions, into products and services in the hope that some pay off.” Here are some practical tips on how Lean can save you money AND deliver a better product.


What are your recommended tips and strategies for securing seed funding?

Speedy but essential advice from Oudi Antebi, CEO & Cofounder at Redkix.

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