Things I found on the web this week (16th November)

Image from Facebook’s next move in the Middle East

This week: the 4 financial metrics your startup needs, Facebook’s rise in the Middle East, introducing the first fully autonomous ride-hailing service, can you make it in the gig economy?

Here are the things I found interesting on the web this week.

Happy reading!


The User Experience of Blockchain

If you are a tech startup entrepreneur you are also a designer! You need to know how to communicate often highly technical concepts to potential users. Design is an effective way to do that. Here’s how to approach the task of designing user experiences for Blockchain solutions.

Design Principles for Augmented Reality

This is a brilliant introduction to the potential for AR across a whole range of different sectors, industries and technologies. Lots of inspiration here.


Product Development When you Don’t Have the Right Technology Expertise

This is great advice for anyone who is a little ‘out of their depth’ when it comes to technology.


Louisville Uses Waze Data for Better Transportation Outcomes

“The massive amount of data collected by the company is giving local governments a new tool to examine the traffic flowing through their jurisdictions.”


4 Key Financial Metrics That All Startups Should Measure

“How…can you ensure that your business model is sound, that it will allow your startup to expand over time? This is where measurement comes into play.”


The Uber Game

“Can you make it in the gig economy?” This is both intriguing and sobering.

Google sibling Waymo launches fully autonomous ride-hailing service

“Alphabet’s self-driving car firm beats Uber to be first to offer robot taxis without humans behind the wheel to take over in an emergency”


Facebook’s next move in the Middle East

The story of Facebook in the Middle East plus what’s next for this web behemoth.

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