Things I found on the web this week (19th October)

Image from Exclusive: The Number That Explains Snap’s New Strategy

This week: snapchat reveal their numbers, how to stop people deleting your app after one use, inspiration for your next Blockchain startup, AI is the future!

Here are the things I found interesting on the web this week.

Happy reading!


Simplicity in Design: 4 Ways to Achieve Simplicity in Your Designs

“Learn ways to achieve simplicity in your designs and recognise why certain designs are overly complex.”

5 Product Design Tips: Making Your App Sticky From the Start

“…users aren’t there just to play around on [your] app, they want to see real benefit from it, and they want to see it fast.” Some great tips on how to stop your app being one of the 80% that is deleted after only one use.


I Took The Leap, Built A Company, And Learned Why So Many Startups Fail

“When people say “entrepreneurship is all about riding the highs and making it through the lows,” that couldn’t be more spot on.” This is what this young entrepreneur learnt along the way.


Mapping the blockchain project ecosystem

A great summary of all the different kinds of companies and startups using Blockchain technology. Get inspiration for your next startup idea!


How I would explain a decade of web development to a time traveler from 2007

Anyone who has been around as long as I have will love this! And if you’re a young’un, read this and be amazed at what us early pioneers had to cope with ;).


Artificial Intelligence, UX and the Future of Findability

We are just scratching the surface of what can be achieved with AI. It might be a hi-tech area (meaning complex, deeply technical) but the result will be less visible computers, more human like interactions. I can’t wait.


Exclusive: The Number That Explains Snap’s New Strategy

Always interesting to learn about user data, and to see how companies like Snap use it to inform their product development.


Good Microcopy

Examples of how to write good microcopy — those little bits of information that can make or break your user experience.

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