Things I found on the web this week (25th January)

Image from UI vs UX : Two Halves to a Whole

This week: why that accidental missile alert was the result of poor UI design, making tiny changes can result in big improvements, Apple’s visual hierarchy, free mockups, and much much more.

Here are the things I found interesting on the web this week.

Happy reading!


The Six Minute Guide To Making Things People Will Love

“The most crucial step to a successful startup, according to the most successful entrepreneurs.”

Tiny Wins

Why tiny changes can sometimes have a bigger impact than a major software overhaul.’s Visual Hierarchy

“Over the past 17 years,’s visual style [has] changed through the application of new fonts, colors, and textures but its underlying layout [has] not.”


From project management to user research, usability testing to information architecture. Here is everything you need to run a successful app design project.


The Usability of Handbags

Or, ‘What do handbags have to do with technology?’ This is thought provoking!


Agile Games

“Introducing a range of games to help you get to grips with the key principles of Agile.” See — Agile is fun!


8 Quick Ways to Write Microcopy that Turns Visitors into Customers

“Every purchase process shares one common objective: Make it as easy and smooth as possible for users to complete it.” Here’s how to use copy to do just that.


UI vs UX : Two Halves to a Whole

“The first requirement for an exemplary user experience is to meet the exact needs of the customer, without fuss or bother. Next comes simplicity and elegance that produce products that are a joy to own, a joy to use.”

Laws of UX

“A collection of the key maxims that designers must consider when building user interfaces.”


The Mockup Club

Get the best design mockups for free.

Turning Design Mockups Into Code With Deep Learning

“Within three years deep learning will change front-end development. It will increase prototyping speed and lower the barrier for building software.”


The Missile Alert In Hawaii Was The Result Of Bad UI Design

Remember that accidental missile alert that was sent to the good people of Hawaii recently? It turns out it was “the result of users error that was facilitated by some poor user interface design.” Still need to be convinced of the importance of good design?

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