Things I found on the web this week (26th July)

Image from How to Build an AI Startup, and Do You Really Need To?

This week: a catch up on some previously saved links because life’s been so busy lately. Featuring: do you really need to launch that AI startup? The random ticket game (nerdy product development fun), why acceptance criteria will help you WIN, my love for Trello never ends.

Here are the things I found interesting on the web this week over the last few weeks.

Happy reading!


6 Common Pitfalls When Prototyping

“Quite often product teams fall into traps that reduce the effectiveness of their prototyping efforts. Here are six of the most common pitfalls.”


The Random Ticket Game

“Pick a random in-progress “ticket” in/on your tool of choice (e.g. physical board, Jira, Clubhouse etc.)… Now, attempt to connect that ticket to a big company goal.” Nerdy, but actually really interesting fun.


Clear Acceptance Criteria and Why They’re Important

Writing Acceptance Criteria is hard! Especially for beginners. But it’s essential if you want your product to be built just how you want it to be. Here are some examples of how to do it well.


Getting into the Mobile App User’s Mind — User Research for Mobile Applications

Doing mobile research for mobile apps is very similar to user research for, well, anything really. But “…the tools listed [here] have been shown to be particularly effective for mobile user research.”


How to Build an AI Startup, and Do You Really Need To?

“A brief summary of what AI is… [and] four general steps to go through when starting an AI business.”


Trello Inspiration

My love for Trello knows no bounds… “Get inspired with these Trello board templates and examples for organizing any of life’s projects.”

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