Things I found on the web this week (2nd August)

Image from The #1 Answer in Product: It Depends

This week: why you should create complicated personas, writing conversational language for bots, why design should not be invisible, is your maths good enough for a future in machine learning?

Here are the things I found interesting on the web this week.

Happy reading!


Why you Should Create a Person, not Just a Persona

“The wonderful, amazing thing about people is how unpredictable they are, and how they never do what you expect.” Which is why you should create personas that are as human as possible.


The Art of Conversation in the Age of Bots

“Copywriters need to learn how to write conversationally if they want to make an impact and find meaningful work in the next decade.”


The #1 Answer in Product: It Depends

“Because product management is the practical application of common sense, … the first answer to any question in product is almost always: it depends.”


Learning Math for Machine Learning

A starting point for anyone interested in what it takes to “build products or conduct academic research in machine learning.”


The Myth of Invisible Design

“Let’s make products as visible as they need to be”.


Nobody wants to be your technical co-founder. That’s the truth.

Hard truths for startup founders who aren’t prepared to put their money where their mouth is.


The key to analysing user retention in your mobile app

“A successful product, in pretty much any category, is not defined (just) by how many people are using it, but (also) how many people are using it — frequently.”

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