Things I found on the web this week (30th November)

Image from 20 Upcoming Products that Will Help You Grow Your Startup

This week: simple products that will change the world, chat bots ❤, how having a design system is essential for remote teams, a bunch of useful tools for your startup and urm, BULLET PROOF SPIDER WEBS.

Here are the things I found interesting on the web this week.

Happy reading!


Breaking Down the Perfect Pitch Deck

Getting your pitch deck right is essential if you are going to attract investment and interest in your idea. Practice makes perfect, but so do these tips on what to include.


20 Upcoming Products that Will Help You Grow Your Startup

One of the great things about being a startup is your flexibility to adopt new technology to support your own business needs. Here are a few new products that can help you.


Make the Right Choice. A/B Testing for UX Improvement

An overview of what A/B testing is for and how to use it to find out how you should be developing your product.

Inside Design: Etsy

Nice insight into the day-to-day experiences of two designers working for the world’s leading e-commerce site for ‘microentrepreneurs’.


Two Amazingly Simple Products Hold the Secret to the Future of Innovation

Filed under ‘inspiration for entrepreneurs’, sometimes the simplest solutions are the ones that will change the world.


Creating a Chatbot: A UX Designer’s Firsthand Experience

It seems to me that MENA region is ripe for chatbot adoption. Here’s a nice article about how this UX designer approached building one for Mums.

Product Hunt: Bots

And if you’re into chatbots, here’s the latest slew of new bot ideas coming through Product Hunt.


4 Ways Remote Designers and Developers Can Collaborate Better

Spoiler: 1) communicate; 2) have a design system; 3) be user-centric; 4) involve stakeholders.

Design Systems Handbook

Design systems are a relatively new concept but are quickly being recognised as essential if you have a remote team, and even if you don’t. This is a comprehensive guide to what should go in yours.


Graphene-drinking spiders spin webbing as strong as Kevlar

Completely off-topic, and freaky as hell. These webs are bullet proof, people. Be afraid.

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