Things I found on the web this week (4th October)

Image from: How user research guided our design for an AI assistant

This week: I love the new InVision blog, or ‘design publication’ as they like to call it, lots of UX stuff including what makes a UX Writer, how to get simple things like birthdate fields right, plus a brilliant podcast telling stories of tech entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Here are the things I found interesting on the web this week.

Happy reading!


Introducing the new InVision blog: Inside Design

“Over the last few years, the InVision Blog has grown to be so much more than a blog — it’s a design publication.” And they’re rolling it out incrementally so if you can’t see it yet check back later! It’s worth it :)


How user research guided our design for an AI assistant

“The human-centered design process is made to help you handle ambiguity. If you follow an in-depth research process, you can uncover solutions for any problem.”


Bad Practices on Birthdate Form Fields

Sometimes you just have to go back and make sure you have the basics done right.

Who’s a UX writer?

“Over the past few years, a fairly new term has started popping up on job advertisements and descriptions. For those in the UX community, it might be old news, but for others, it’s a completely new term: the UX writer.”

User Stories: As a [UX Designer] I want to [embrace Agile] so that [I can make my projects user-centered]

“Let’s examine a tool so simple yet so powerful that once you’ve learned about it, you will apply it in all your projects.” Bold words indeed!


How I used design thinking to grow my business startup

“I recently found myself at a crucial point where I knew I had to scale my business but I wasn’t sure where to start…” But here’s how this founder did it.

Revolution of Necessity

“A podcast that shares the stories of tech entrepreneurs in developing countries.”

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