Things I found on the web this week (5th April)

Image from The Building Blocks of Visual Design

This week: Facebook made some design templates so you don’t have to, why narrative is inextricable from user experience, how to reduce market risk before you launch, lots of examples of great design.

Here are the things I found interesting on the web this week.

Happy reading!


How to Reduce Market Risk by Building Your Reputation and Audience Before You Launch

“By building your audience in advance of launching, you can ensure that like-minded people, who are your early customers, are already primed and paying attention.”


Harnessing the Power of Narrative in UX

“Narrative is inextricable from user experience, so in this article UX design agency Codal reviews why it’s important, and how to wield its power properly.”


Facebook Design — Devices

Some handy device templates you can use in your design work. Courtesy of Facebook.


Your Team Needs to Make User Research a Habit

“…qualitative research — just plain talking to customers and potential customers in a structured way — may be the most important thing an early- or mid-stage company can do to influence their success.”

7 Questions to Ask Users Early in the Product Lifecycle

“Whether you’re a UX designer, product stakeholder, or some other kind of curious-minded product professional, you need to know what makes your users tick.”


Bringing More People Together Through Inclusive Design

“From the lack of broadband access to the reliance on mobile, under-resourced families don’t always have the opportunity to adopt new technology. While there have been some improvements, the digital divide remains. And as designers, we have the opportunity to provide great experiences to all.”


“Mobbin is a hand-picked collection of latest design patterns from mobile apps that reflect the best in design.”

The Building Blocks of Visual Design

“These [design] elements and principles together form the building blocks of visual design, and a firm understanding of them is crucial in creating a visual design of any product.”

Bad Design vs. Good Design: 5 Examples We can Learn From

“Looking at examples of bad design alongside counter-examples of good design is not only fun but also draws important lessons for designers. They highlight pitfalls for designers to avoid and let us understand how to translate design theories into solutions that work in the real world.”

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