Making Yourself Easy to Manage

The relationship you have with your manager is critical to your career growth and happiness.

A cluster of palm trees in San Jose, CA.
Palm trees in San Jose, CA. Photo by author.

A few years ago, a friend mentioned how early in her tenure at a job her manager at the time told her that she needed to make herself easy to manage. We both found the request really funny, mostly due to its bluntness. And if you knew this friend, you’d find…




Writings on starting a career in UX research from Noor Ali-Hasan, a UX research lead at Google with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

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Noor Ali-Hasan

Noor Ali-Hasan

I’m a UX research lead at Google, where I help teams design and build desirable and easy to use products. Outside of work, I love art, Peloton, and Lego.

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