NutriBullet Balance App Redesign concept-UIUX case study

Subi Amuti
Feb 6 · 5 min read

Role: UIUX Designer

Project: Application Redesign

Timeframe: Jan 2018


My wife has been complaining about getting a new blender and we finally purchased the Nutribullet balance blender from Costco. The first thing I did when I get home is unboxing the blender and explore it with my cat.

Nutribullet brief description

Nutribullet app is communicating with Nutribullet Balance blender’s Smart Nutrition Sensor for real-time nutritional info including calories, protein, carbs, fat sugar and more, this sounds really cool right. Also, users can also get recipes which meet their needs or create custom recipes.

While I was on the home screen, I notice there are 14 tutorials videos about app’s functionality which is a little overwhelming for lazy people like me, I just want to use the app to make a smoothie. After exploring this world first connected nutrition extractor products, I realize maybe it’s not that bad to watch the tutorial videos.

While watching the tutorials video, My gut feeling tells me this app is not really user-friendly, I need to see the ratings & reviews about this product. By the way, I don’t want to be the stupid guy who is struggling with using this fancy application.

User pain points:

APP Store Users reviews are very helpful for provide real insight into the usability of the application. Although some of the feedbacks are performance and data issues, the majority of Nutribullet users demonstrates the existing flaws in the app and their expecting improvements.

“ This app is too hard to use when you’re hungry and just want to use your new appliance.”

“Search / sort features are quite lacking.”

“ I need to filter by the qty of calories and the qty of proteins.”

“Time-consuming, not user-friendly.”

“ Need Barcode scanner for add food.”

“Overall experience requires a lot of studying to understand……………”

With the information I gathered from the user reviews, I listed them out on and did an affinity mapping to identify the trends.


1. The user wants to accomplish the task easily and efficiency.

2. Need to Optimize existing features

3. User want more control of the app

Nutribullet app has a lot of potentials but it definitely needs a user experience redesign as well as simplify key functionality.


In order to visualize how users interact with the application, I decided to create a first-time user storyboard which I can walk in the shoes of our users.

User journey

Next, I scripted a typical first-time user journey. This process demonstrates the experience of user interaction with the app and helped me to understand the positive and negative aspect of their experience.

Based on all these data and trends I identified, I decided to analyze and test the current application to see how I can improve the usability in the first place.

#1 Scenario

The first-time User uses existing recipes to create a smoothie.

I conduct usability testing with 2 users and both of them are impatient with the tutorials. When first time user downloads the app there is also a long tutorial video before user landed on the home screen but most of the users prefer to skip the video.

#2 Scenario

The first-time User creates own recipes to create a smoothie.

Users are confused about the help button and constantly clicked on “start” which is instruction information tell the user where to start. To sum up: Users still require watching the tutorial to complete the task.


Indeed, the overall experience requires a lot of studying to understand. As a designer, I need to simplify the task and improve user satisfaction of completing the task.

At first, I thought simplify the task for the first time user is going to solve the usability problem. However, I found out that the user is not aware of blender cup can measure ingredients nutrition because they skipped the tutorial video. Well, we mentioned earlier the overall experience requires a lot of studying to understand, my question is

“what is the best way to teach our user to use our product?”

Ideate &UX concept

Onboarding screen

Onboarding screen is a quick walkthrough of the app and introduces the functionality to the new user. onboarding experience is by “forcing” the user to learn the features, instead of showing user long tutorial videos. After the user has some knowledge about the app they will not feel intimidated by features that seem complicated to use.

How to design function-oriented onboarding screen for Nutribullet?

keep it brief

A brief presentation before the user engaged with the app and in this case, I decide to go with 3–4 onboarding screen. This way, the user gets to learn about the app without getting impatient or overwhelmed by too much information.

Unfamiliar interaction

Nutribullet is the first app to connect with blender and smart nutrition sensor which is unfamiliar for most users then guide users on how to interact is essential.

key functionality

Display one key function one screen. I interviewed 2 users about which functionality they consider as key functionality and we came up with Select recipe & create a recipe, measure ingredient nutrition process, and tracking.


Final Design

Next steps

I see so much potential with Nutribullet app and it just needs to capture user needs and new features. I would love to continue exploring deeper into the users to discover more issues with the current app. I hope that with my redesign, it will help the user get familiar with the app in a short time.

Thanks for reading! :)

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The best UX design case studies for your inspirations on UX processes, research and design.

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