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Imagine dragons

Dear Ticketmaster,

It is time to redesign the master of all tickets.

N. American Ticketmaster tickets from 1979–2013. Notice that in more recent years, the ticket stubs are still attached.
Could a redesign help solve all of these problems?

Many buyers feel Ticketmaster and StubHub have become bloated and complacent. “If I were running ship at these companies, one urgent task would be to address the image, remind people there’s a human element. Both have probably become a little bit faceless to the general population.”

— Brett Goldberg, founder of TickPick

I forgot to take out my print-at-home ticket from my back pocket. Oh well, why would I want to keep something so frail?

I. Research

I’ve now seen Passion Pit four times in one year. Obsessive? What’s obsessive is that there’s too much damn info.
Less is more. All the info is cut to the essentials. Tickets should only be identified though the barcode.
The ticket is two inches wide and can fit into a credit card slot. But it’s too long to fit in a wallet.
The seating information is at the top for quick access.
Colorless dye is embedded in the paper and renders black when heated.
This ticket uses proportionally spaced fonts; no horrible kerning that you get from monospaced fonts. This was my first concert ticket, set in Helvetica.
S-Bahn Train Ticket from Berlin. It has a hologram at the top to prevent counterfeiting.

II. Redesign

The ticket is downsized to a credit card to fit in any wallet. All extraneous information is removed.
Event details can change depending on the promoter.
The top uses large numerals that easily remind the patron.
The original logo was huge; so integrating the logo with the iconic red stripe will retain its design legacy.
Background image is Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons.
Barcodes don’t display a number for no reason.

III. Making It Work

Steps 1–3 are stock tickets until steps 4–6 which are printed on-demand in their fulfillment centers.
Ticketmaster tickets come from two printing houses; one in Charleston, West Virginia and Pharr, Texas. Their headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California.

IV. Show Cool Tickets To The World

Imagine Dragons
Passion Pit
Bill Maher
Treasure Island Music Festival 2012
San Jose Sharks
Back side of the ticket



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