Well-designed items and the not-so.

3 things I think it is well-designed

  1. Ikea BEKVÄM step stool

I will give the BEKVÄM step stool a rating of 5/5, as one of the most well-designed item that I currently have in my room. The easy-to-build step stool is designed in to keep your balance no matter how you put the weight on it, much better than if you are standing on a chair or a normal stool. It’s hand-hole in the top step makes it easy to move.

Don’t belittle ordinary-look furniture, it can serve more than one function, and look awesome in your home as well. This stool in my house is not only a step stool, it is a great-looking bedside table, a chair, a table. Here are some examples of how you could use the step stool to enhance your home and lifestyle.

2. Original Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 is a great classic phone that are widely used in the 00’s. It’s undeniable simple design that is clear with it’s function buttons represented by a easy-to-understand icons. It’s build in a shape that fits perfectly in your hand, and is hardy as a gold bar. Well, definitely the iPhone should exceed all expectations of a phone, including it’s design and functions, but man, the 3310, scraps away all social media distractions if you are thinking of taking a break in information overload in this space of time makes 3310 come up tops again.

While talking about 3310, today was the launch of the NEW 3310. My opinion, with it’s new LED screen and keeping in the snake for nostalgia sake, ain’t going to cut out between being the 3310 classic or iPhone 7.

3. A Kintsugi bowl

The Kintsugi is not really a bowl but an art where broken ware are lacquered with powdered gold or sliver back together. In no effort to hide the damage, the damage is actually luminous. The Kintsugi repairs the function of the bowl, at the same, serves as aesthetic function that is meaningful of bringing the philosophy that what is broken is spoil. The constant state of improvisation through mistakes and errors, actually increases the value of what is.

3 things that I think the design can be improved.

  1. Syrup bottle

This harmless looking bottle designed over perhaps over more than 100 years ago has become my victim of “can be improved” item. Well, to think it throughly, first, this item has never really been questioned. To store syrup-like liquids in this bottle, has always left some sticky liquid near the cap of the bottle. It’s screw-like top gets really messy and leakage often happens. Better make sure its real tight and clean off the top before storing it. Nevertheless, I think this capping method needs a little rethinking in this modern day.

2. iPhone alarm alert

iPhone is a greatttt product that I used everyday, but awaking up to this alarm screen is pretty annoying. Partly because the alarm is waking me up from my beauty sleep but for matter of fact, I could not navigate clearly to find “Stop” feature, which is currently not designed like a button. Its emphasis on the “Stop” button in the bottom has not been well justified. Although Apple would like the user to tap on “Snooze” rather than “Stop”, but having the“Snooze” would finally reach a point there the user would eventually wish to tap on the “Stop”. Therefore, the “Stop” button cannot be an afterthought of this screen and has to make it more “button-like” so that the user can easily find the way to stop the alarm sound effectively.

3. Claw machine

This would probably made my personal list of “oxymoron of badly designed items”. The claw is intentionally designed to have a bad grip and not allowing users to successfully catch any arcade prizes . Oh well!

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