JTBD.6 – Pointers to Jobs-to-be-done resources on the Web.

A quick list of go-to places for the JTBD method. This is part six of a series of six articles on Jobs-to-be-done.

1. JTBD Introduction

For starters, head to jobstobedone.info – this is probably the best introduction to the basic idea of what kind of jobs we are talking about. If you are more into video, Clayton Christensen can help you here.

2. The full JTBD Monty

For news updates, interviews and presentations, the most comprehensive source is jobstobedone.org – the podcasts are worth listening to.

3. Replacing User Stories with Job Stories

Right here on Medium, as part of the JTBD publication, there is a great article about using Job Stories with your development teams.

4. Practical applications

Intercom is doing a good job – also applying JTBD to their organization. They frequently blog about this, and there is a great interview with Strategyn’s Tony Ulwick.

As part of the innovator’s toolkit, Silverstein et al. do a nice job of introducing some additional tools to make strategic decisions which job you should focus on.

If you are planning your JTBD interviews, there’s also a nice template for taking notes.

Finally, for marketeers, Christensen et al.’s article from Sloan Review should be a first stop.

What have we missed out on? Please help complete this list – send us a mail or comment right here…