5-Day Sprint Journey

Day 1 — Mapping and Sketches

The first day of the sprint journey was focused on identifying goals, figuring the right questions to ask, and answering them. The primary goal was to match students with compatible roommates, then to ensure that they would be matched by similar interests to make them happy with the choices presented to them.

To meet those goals, I decided to focus on thinking about how students can be matched with the right personalities, how the process of finding a roommate can be made better, and lastly how they can be matched based on the type of apartment they are looking for. This all sits under the category of the “use” phase, which was what I decided to focus on.

For my research, I looked at existing personality models to see which I could adopt as part of my solution. I also looked at apps such as Flatmate Finders, SpareRoom, and Roomster to see what they are doing to profile their users. The best was Flatmate Finders, who was the closest to doing what I wanted.

Day 2— Decide & Storyboard

I picked options that I felt best suited the primary and secondary goals of the sprint. Deciding the steps and sketching out the storyboard proved to be difficult primarily because I couldn’t log in as a user on UniLodge and had to imagine how it might be like if I was already a user setting up a new profile.

I also didn’t want to make it too complex by making a long questionnaire filled with 30 questions or more to profile the user, which could become time-consuming for them and make them lose interest. Instead, I adopt an existing personality matrix I found during my research, which simply allows the user to pick one out of the 12 personality types that they found described them best. This also made it easier to inform the user which personality type suits theirs best.

I combined the sketches I chose on some screens to make it more condensed.

Day 3— Prototype

I added more screens during the prototype process as it forced me to think more about the flow of the action. I also had to adjust some categories from steps 3–4 as I realised that the options I included earlier were more catered towards people looking for houses and apartments outside Unilodge’s offering. Categories such as stating their pet and employment would not be as relevant.

Day 4— User Testing

Feedback is one of my favourite part of the design process, as it allows you to see the design from a different point of view. One user commented that the screen with the wheel felt a bit overwhelming as there was too much information on it, while I thought I was already simplifying it. Although the wheel looked aesthetically pleasing, it wasn’t practical as it made the words too small and it ended up making everything look cramped.

The second user also suggested that forms asking questions are better because it allows the user to feel that they are more involved in the process, giving them more control over the experience. This was especially interesting as it challenges my entire approach of simplifying the process of assigning the user a personality.



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