Application Proposal (changed idea)


According to survey conducted by ORC International, a surprising number of Americans are having the lack of basic nutrition information. (source)

Everyone wants to eat healthy food. Everyone wants to avoid any diseases caused by food. However, some people have trouble with that and don’t even know how well they take nourishment based on their health condition. Especially, those who have medical issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure need to eat appropriate food to recover the issues and stay healthy. While some people keep on following well on doctor’s prescription or instruction, some are unfortunately having a difficulty to know what to eat or how to track their eating pattern due to the lack of nutritional knowledge.


The problem could embrace a various range of people, but the main user is people who have a medical problem, (this could be more specific like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc.) and potential user is average people who want to get healthy(ier), reduce food waste, and go on a diet.


Based on the main user, this proposal is mainly aiming to assist their medical treatments by providing nutrition services and rectifying bad eating habits. In addition, by relief of the issues, it not only helps them keep on staying in healthy condition, but also expands their experiences more positively.