Discovering the Secret Stories of Cities

The Idea:

Living in a city like Austin, which is full of vibrant people living colorful lives, I often wonder what human stories are going on all around me that I will never know about. The idea behind this project is to design a tool to help people discover new cities, or discover their own cities in a new way by documenting and sharing their stories and memories. By mapping these stories/memories by location and making them available for other users to experience, we are adding a new layer of interest and interactivity to a space, and giving people an opportunity to tell stories that would otherwise be lost.

The Value Proposition:

The Business Model:

The Target Market:

  • Lives in a populated area
  • Likes to learn new things
  • Likes to experience new things
  • Uses social media
  • Is young, fit, and socially engaged
  • Enjoys a good story
  • Enjoys sharing their experiences
  • History buffs
  • Enjoys travelling
  • Technologically savvy

User Profiles:

  • Locals
  • Tourists
  • Travelers
  • History Buffs
  • Cities
  • Educational Organizations

Contextual Value Propositions (Locals & Tourists):


Do I need to narrow my focus more? Should this tool focus on either historical facts, or peoples personal experiences, and not both? I was thinking of this like a storytelling tool, and I am interested in both historical stories and personal stories, but maybe I need to focus in on one of these?

Next steps?

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