Matchmaker AI Storyboard

Features to consider including :

  • Only mutual matches are shared. The AI gives you a % match and only then can you view that person’s profile. Then you can decide whether or not you want to pursue something with that match, but they also have to want to pursue something. (This is one of the great features I’m borrowing from Tinder) There is no rejection, you’re only notified if there is a mutual interest.
  • Profiles are pulled in from Facebook to help prevent lying and fake profiles. Yet another great feature from Tinder. This also allows users to see if there are mutual friends between them thus encouraging (or discouraging) engagement.
  • % are based on AI matching.
  • Profiles show minimal information so as to not get bogged down with “likes” and “interests”. This will force users to put faith in the AI and get to know one another on a date.
  • There is an option to pass on a profile or save them for later consideration. With this feature, users can tell the AI what they like or dislike about a profile so the AI can learn about you through different ways.
  • You can always reevaluate. Maybe you have a list of “no go” items and you immediately block a user without getting to know them. You can always go back and change your mind.