Project Journey Maps & Storyboard

After the last time I presented, I did a deeper dive and revisited a few things. I simplified the As-Is journey and developed a more comprehensive To-Be Journey.

revise AS-IS journey

Features for this app include:

  • Student profile building
  • Lesson plan development support
  • Achievement rating and reporting
  • Database interfacing
  • Voice-interactive features
  • snappy AI personality (on the drawing board)
To-Be Journey

I also laid out a preliminary (roughly sketched) storyboard. I’m looking at a app experience, but with voice and multi-media features. Alvaro had a good suggestion, to relieve the teacher from some heavy lifting, and includes an interactive component for the students and parents, which will allow the AI to know the student for profile building. I’m looking into what that could be.

The next steps are to sketch out some diagrams, and include more of the players and stakeholders in the process for the AI to manage.

Storyboard 1
Storyboard 2
interaction diagram
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