Recap & Storyboarding

I’ve gone back and refined my user persona, pains and gains now that I have a decent amount of primary and secondary research under my belt:

User Personas

The Elevator Pitch: Mary is able to lose weight and reach her fitness goals with the aid of an AI health coach who motivates and holds her accountable by teaming her up with another individual on the same health journey.

With that mapped out I have also revisited my product fit

Product Fit

Another benefit of AI being used might be to match up users that have similar health challenges and goals to be accountability partners. My initial thought is to have friends partner up, but there may be users with no one on the same path as them.

With this knowledge, here is my refined As-Is Journey:

My initial idea is for the product to exist as a mobile app. This can utilize Google’s Awareness API to track eating and shopping habits, typically daily activity (or inactivity), etc.

Basic App Map

Some sketches on the interaction between coach and user:

I’ve been trying a lot of health apps, and I enjoy how Lark has quick reply bubbles at the bottom for the user to click instead of typing everything. Lark has that exclusively, but I would like to allow the user to type whatever they want when appropriate as shown above.

The initial conversation with the Coach would be as follows:

Coach: Hello, what is your name?
User: Amy
Coach: Hey Amy! I’m excited to help you reach your fitness goals. Are you ready to begin?
Amy: Yes
Coach: Ok, let’s start with where you are currently. How tall are you?
Amy: 5'4"
Coach: Alright, And how much do you currently weigh?
Amy: 150
Coach: Do you currently have any medical issues you are dealing with?
Amy: ….

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