Research Plan with updated personas

The objective: To find a solution to the obstacles women have when dealing with the cannabis industry.

The legalization of Marijuana is being adopted by a few states in the U.S., it needless to say that it will have an influence in illegal use in bordering states. This political shift in the prohibition brings in a new market of consumers, who now have easier access to cannabis (versus the previous method of calling up a dealer) and want to participate but seem to be battling with stigma.

Problem: There is no federal regulation for the product, sold both legally and illegally. Users need to know what they are taking and what effects each strain has, so they can consume / smoke the cannabis with confidence.

Goal: There is need for both qualitative and quantitative data, because there have not been too many tests on the psychological effects on cannabis on women from a social perspective. This may help determine problems that users can not recognize immediately.

Research Objectives:

  1. How comfortable they are using different smoking apparatus’
  2. To asses any uncomfortable effects physically and mentally
  3. To often the purchase, consume and smoke cannabis
  4. Gauge female consumer knowledge of basics of the cannabis industry

Research Methods:

Desk Research, Surveys for qualitative and interviews for quantitative data and focus groups

Finding data on cannabis use on women specifically is something that still needs to dug deeper. Women have to worry about Child Protective Services, even if recreational cannabis is legal within that state. There are different social dynamics that must be looked at before coming to a conclusion of what the user might need.

Proposed Qualitative Interview Questions:

*Will need to refine wording of questions. So its not so harsh.

Current Age

Current Profession

Marital status

How often do you use MJ?

Why do you use it?

At what age did you start using it?

How old were you when you first had a joint?

How old were you when you first smoked from a pipe?

How old were you when you first smoked from a bong?

How old were you when you first smoked from a vape?

How old were you when you first had an edible?

Who convinced you to first use it?

Who did you usually use MJ around initially?

Do you prefer smoking/ consuming with females or males? Why?

How often do you buy your own MJ?

and if so, how much?

What do you like about using cannabis with people?

what do you NOT like about using cannabis with people?

Can you roll your own blunt/joint?

Do you remember a specific time where you got too high? how did you feel and what happend?

Have you used cannabis in a public place?

Have you used cannabis from a stranger?

Have you ever consumed cannabis to fit in?

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