UX Design: Customer Personas

Name: Reenal Paresh, Austin, TX
Occupation: Student
Weight: 95 lbs 
Height: 5'2"
Cell phone?
Mode of Transportation: Walking, does not own a car

Bio: Reenal is a 18 year old college student at UT. She grew up in Beaumont, Texas. She graduated in the top 10% of her class. She enjoys going out to bars with her friends. Since she lives close to campus, so she often walks to and from school to avoid parking. As someone who is mortified by making bad grades, you can oftentimes find her in the library studying late at night. She sometimes walks home as late as 1 or 2 in the morning.

Customer Segment: College students

Name: Andre Speith, New York, NY
Occupation: Information Technology
Weight: 185 lbs
Height: 5'7"
Cell phone? Yes.
Mode of transportation: Walking, Driving

Bio: Andrew (28) is head of information technology at Thomas & Klein, LLC., a large law firm in New York City. He lives in a small flat about 15 blocks from work. He walks to work every day so he can avoid parking. Sometimes his coworkers like to go out for drinks and food after a hard day at work. He does not know any self defense training or martial arts. He also does not carry any weapons, such as a pocket knife or a concealed handgun.

Customer Segment: Young professionals

Name: Agnes Lions, Cape Cod, MA
Occupation: Retired School Teacher
Weight: 125 lbs
Height: 5'0"
Cell phone? No.
Mode of transportation: Walking, Bus

Bio: Agnes is an 83 year old widow who lives alone in a relatively residential area. She has lived in the same home for 50 years in Cape Cod. In the past few years, crime has increased in Cape Cod due to an increase in heroin use. She volunteers at her church counting the money from the collections plates in the evenings. Sometimes she has to walk alone to the bus stop which is 2 blocks away.

Customer Segment: Disabled/Elderly

Name: Kate Steinert, Austin, TX
Occupation: Special Projects Coordinator at Elementary School 
Weight: 145 lbs
Height: 5'5"
Cell phone? Yes
Mode of Transportation: Walking, Biking, Driving

Bio: Kate is an intelligent young woman (24 yrs) who loves to debate about almost anything. She was born in Austin, Texas. She enjoys staying busy and meeting new people. She has a bike that she rides to bars, coffee shops, and friend’s houses. She has a small apartment in Hyde Park and owns a kitten named Hobie. She enjoys being outdoors with friends, and oftentimes goes on walks or bike rides at night around her neighborhood.

Customer Segment: Young professionals