UX Design : Personas & Customer Profiles

Brandon’s Jobs

  • study hard for school
  • meet/hang out with friends and family
  • get used to mobile apps
  • drive safe
  • social networking

Brandon’s Gains

  • have his great GPA
  • good friendship & relationship
  • save some money
  • no injuries/accidents by driving

Brandon’s Pains

  • fail to school/bad GPA
  • serious injuries
  • damage his car
  • get isolated in his social network

Trace’s Jobs

  • study hard for school
  • meet/hang out with friends
  • look for/get a job
  • drive safe
  • social networking
  • catch up with his meeting for job

Trace’s Gains

  • have great GPA
  • get a job
  • good social connection
  • no injuries/accidents

Trace’s Pains

  • fail to interviews
  • do not get a job
  • serious injuries/disabilities
  • damage his car/waste money

Brittny’s Jobs

  • not be late on her work
  • make/save money
  • drive long distance
  • have entertainment in her free time
  • have a good looking for her job

Brittny’s Gains

  • promote at her job
  • move to a better house close to her work
  • remove stress
  • have good social networking

Brittny’s Pains

  • get fired on her job
  • get more stressed
  • serious injuries/car damage
  • tickets