UX Design : Research Plan_refined

Thank you guys for all your input and suggestions! I have found some interesting factors. According to National Phone Survey on Distracted Driving Attitudes and Behaviors, the primary reason for texting or e-mailing across sexes and age groups is the level of importance of the message(figure.1). An interesting fact on this question is a big difference between men and women on “Message is work-related”.

figure.1 / by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Also, when asked how many seconds drivers could take his/her eyes off the road before driving performance becomes significantly more dangerous, most drivers said it is for 1–2 seconds(figure.2). This means that taking eyes off the road for more than 2 seconds is the most dangerous period that a driver could get a crash. In particular, one-third of drivers 18 to 24 years old said they can take eyes off for 3 to 10 seconds(figure.3). This represents young aged drivers are relatively self-confident of their driving performance.

figure.2 / by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
figure.3 / by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Refine Research Methods

Contextual Inquiry / Ethnography:

  • How sub-electric devices(earset/bluetooth) influence on driving performance.
  • How social context (their job, position, parents with children) influences on driving performance.

Correlational Studies:

Advanced technology that is currently being used in a car. (this can be used for a solution)


Questions to young drivers aged between 18 and 29.

Refined Questions

  1. In which of age categories do you fall?
  • 18–20
  • 21–24
  • 25–29

2. Occupation?

3. Are you single or married? If married, do you have a kid/children?

4. How many years have you been driving?

  • less than one year
  • 1–2 years
  • 2–5 years
  • 6–9 years
  • over 10years

5. How often do you drive a motor vehicle, regardless of whether it is for work or for personal use?

  • Almost every day (or more)
  • Few days a week
  • Few days a month
  • Few day a year

6. Which best describes your type while driving?

  • easily get anger
  • often distracted
  • understand other drivers
  • feel fear or nervous

7. Have you experienced distracted driving? If so, please describe it.

8. How much are you confident to manipulate a smartphone while driving?

  • Very much
  • Somehow
  • Not confident

9. What would you do when you have to see/manipulate your phone while driving?

10. What do you expect to solve distracted driving? Please describe.

I am still narrowing the question down. Any suggestions would be appreciated.