Step 10. Usability Test

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Usability testing is the best way to understand how real users interact with the product, what problems they face, why they leave the web, what make them click.

UX tutorial: What is usability testing? (2 mins)
LinkedIn Learning Solutions

With usability testing, you can glean insights on the behaviors of your site’s visitors. Explore the basics of usability testing in this tutorial.
Elaborate usability tests are a waste of resources. The best results come from testing no more than 5 users and running as many small tests as you can afford. 🔍

Test Metrics lists several most helpful metrics:

Successful Task Completion.

Critical Errors

Non-Critical Errors

Error-Free Rate: Error-free rate is the percentage of test participants who complete the task without any errors.

Time On Task

Subjective Measures: These evaluations are self-reported participant ratings for satisfaction, ease of use, ease of finding information, etc where participants rate the measure on a 5 to 7-point Likert scale.

Likes, Dislikes and Recommendations: Participants provide what they liked most about the site, what they liked least about the site, and recommendations for improving the site.

What users say versus what users do are two completely different things, and the only way to verify is to test. Usability testing is more than a just a checkbox on a list of product requirements — it is the most convincing support for your design decisions. 📔 The Guide to Usability Testing

Mailchimp Usability Test (3 mins)

User testing at Mailchimp

User experience tutorial: The five-second test (3 mins)
LinkedIn Learning Solutions

How to declutter your homepage to meet the five-second test — so that visitors can find what they need within five seconds.

Guerilla Testing with Usability Cafe (3 mins)
Google Developers

Surprisingly, up to 85% of core usability problems can be found by observing just 5 people using your application. Conducting quick usability tests at a cafe is very effective, cheap, and doesn’t require any special tools.

📖 Handbook of Usability Testing: How to Plan, Design, and Conduct Effective Tests by Jeffrey Rubin

📖 Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems by Steve Krug

🎬 UX Youniversity Step 10. Usability Test

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