Step 12. Finalize

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Important and often overlooked step in the design process is launching the product. Designer’s goal is to create documentations and hand-off materials that give the team understanding of the product and help collaborate more effectively.

Deliverables: documentations, specifications, design files (InVision, Sketch, PS), images, presentations.

The Complete Guide to Designing Mobile UX (11 mins)
4ourth Mobile

How to organize your Sketch files 3 mins


3 Sketch mistakes for a rough developer handoff (3 mins)

Exporting design assets for web — File types & optimization (9 mins)

How to Write UX Specs That Make Developers Swoon (32 mins)
Adorable IO

📖 The guide to UX Design Process & Documentation by Chris Bank, Jerry Cao

📖 Communicating the User Experience: A Practical Guide for Creating Useful UX Documentation by Richard Caddick, Steve Cable

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