Step 15. Get a Job

Master UX in 15 steps.📍 Start

Advice from UX recruiters and designers: most valued skills, how to build a portfolio, explaining the interview fails that will guarantee you won’t get the job, the pros and cons of working in startups, agencies, and corporates, being a freelancer.

Things you didn’t know about #UX recruitment and were too afraid to ask (31 mins)
Be Kaler on northernux

- Where are the big hiring trends?
- Who gets paid the most?
- What are the skills most desired?
- How has it changed in the last 15 years?


What should a UX portfolio communicate (3 mins)
Interview with UX recruiters on FutureheadsDigital

What a ux portfolio should communicate in today’s ever-changing digital world. There are some interesting and valuable points in there for practitioners at all levels.

Creating a UX Portfolio Without Much Experience (8 mins)
with Sarah Doody

UX portfolio review (58 mins)
with David Travis

How professionals evaluate UX portfolios

Preparing for Interviews

What’s the best thing you’ve seen in a user experience job interview? (2 mins)
on FutureheadsDigital

What are the best techniques and approaches for a ux job interview?

What’s the worst thing you have seen in a user experience interview? (2 mins)
on FutureheadsDigital

Find out here exactly what sort of behaviours and approaches to avoid when you’re trying to secure that top ux job.

📖 Designing a UX Portfolio by Ian Fenn

📝 How to Get a UX Job with No Professional UX Experience

🎬 UX Youniversity Step 15. Get a Job

Being a good designer or a good professional means never stop learning, never stop asking questions, never stop being curious

Congratulation! You’ve graduated from UX Youniversity 🎉 You’ve learnt from the best, it means you’re going to be one of the best!

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