Step 14. Learn from Others

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Youtube gives young professionals the opportunity to learn from the best. In these videos, established designers explain the design process and discuss techniques, challenges and new discoveries.


The complex relationship between data and design in UX (11 mins) 
TED Institute

Rochelle King walks us through the process of redesigning Spotify, revealing best practices for navigating the relationship between designers, data, and the people for whom it is built.


A/B Testing: Test Your Own Hypotheses & Prepare to be Wrong(15 mins) O’Reilly


Designing at Facebook Scale: Considerations When Designing for the Entire World (47 mins)
UX South Africa


Psychology and UX: Understanding how people think and feel makes better products (53 mins)
UX South Africa


Aarron Walter of MailChimp on Designing Emotional Experiences (50 mins)


Interview with Marc Hemeon Senior UX Designer at YouTube (20 mins) WeLoveFounders

Marc Hemeon, Senior UX Designer at YouTube and Founder of talks about his work at YouTube, current and upcoming design trends and how to improve and test User Experience on a budget.

Heuristic Evaluations: Beyond the Academic Review (26 mins) Infragistics

This talk will provide attendees with a model to approach heuristic evaluations that enables them to use the artifact throughout a product lifecycle, and not limited to early discovery phases.

If It Can Go Wrong, It Will: How to Bulletproof Your User Research (23 mins)
Adorable IO

Kathi Kaiser will share lessons learned, drawing on war stories from fifteen years of field research and usability testing.

Articulating Design Decisions (30 mins)
Adorable IO

This session provides principles, tactics, and actionable methods for talking about designs with executives, managers, developers, marketers with the goal of winning them over and creating the best user experience.

Leah Buley Shares Secrets of Being a UX Team of One (21 mins) isitedesign

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