UX Toolkit

Build a UX toolkit to nail any project

These tools are an essential part of any design workflow. Most designers mention them in their toolkits and they are often required by employers.


UX Project Checklist

Checklists are an important part of a design process. These two are absolute must have, especially for new designers.

  1. UX Project Checklist
  2. Usability Checklist

More UX checklists on uxdesign.cc


  1. Crazy Egg
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Hotjar
  4. Jaco
  5. Smartlook *free

Research and User Testing

  1. FvesecondTest
  2. Lookback
  3. SilverbackApp
  4. Usabilla
  5. UserTesting

Information Architecture

  1. Omnigraffle
  2. XMind
  3. Treejack
  4. Optimalsort
  5. Dynomapper


  1. Pen and paper
  2. Axure
  3. Balsamiq
  4. Moqups.com
  5. Wireframe.cc

<💡personal favourite>

Digital Prototyping

  1. Axure
  2. Balsamiq
  3. Craft *free
  4. 💡 InVision
  5. Principle

Visual Design

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Figma *free for now
  3. 💡 Sketch
  4. UX Pin
  5. 💡 UI Kits


  1. Avocode
  2. InVision
  3. Zeplin *free
  4. 💡 Slack
  5. Mural


Education is a huge part of any job. These are resources to keep up with new discoveries and trends.

  1. UX on Youtube
  2. User Experience — Medium

UX Designers’ Toolkits

What tools designers use on a daily basis?

The perfect UX designer toolkit (30 mins)

8 Tools Every UX Designer Must Have to be Successful (5 mins)
on Laith Wallace

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