How to think about the Customer Journey as a Product Manager

Annemarie Bufe
Aug 23, 2018 · 6 min read

Understand the Customer Journey







Provide the right content

Most of the time, your customer has a problem or a need and he is looking for a solution to solve this problem. Now it’s your turn. You as a Product Manager can influence how the marketing team creates the content for your product. Make sure that they create the right content to give your customer the right information at the right time. Because of the content the customer could decide whether your product fits his needs or not.

Awareness Stage Content

Goal: Inform the user and show him how a solution could look like. Lead him to the Research Stage without giving him the feeling he is compelled to buy.

Research Stage Content

Goal: The user has a clearer picture of what his problem is and how a solution could look like. But he still hasn’t decided which product he wants to buy. Get him to decide for your product.


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