Skyrocket Your App With User-Focused Onboarding

At UXCam, we are helping companies to improve app user experiences on millions of devices every day.

Through this journey, we came to understand: Onboarding matters.

Onboarding is:

  • The first point of contact with your new users.
  • The process which makes your users familiar with your app.
  • The chance to activate your users.
  • The first impression users get from your app & brand.

But how can you improve your onboarding? What should you focus on?

During the last months, we’ve asked ourselves these questions.

We’ve done a lot of research, collected knowledge and found interesting facts about onboarding.

Moreover, we’ve analyzed the onboarding process of successful apps to find out what makes them so good and why.

We’ve put all our output into one ebook now.

Why? Because we know how important onboarding is and we don’t want to leave you alone with this problem.

Our goal with this ebook is to give you a deep dive into the world of app onboarding and incentives on how to move forward on your own.

You can download the eBook for free here!

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