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3 min readOct 2, 2018


I’ve recently write about why I made the UX Project Checklist and left you hanging there a bit.

So what is this about? Have you ever heard of the Hero’s Journey?
Basically the series of phases any good story is based on:

Disclaimer: don’t expect anything as epic as any Disney movie

How this as to do with the UX Project Checklist?

Here’s a story…

The Call to Adventure

This is where the adventure really begins.

Well apparently this little tool is still getting appreciation every now and then: hundreds of people are using it regularly and someone still subscribes to the newsletter to receive updates (ah! a bit more on this later).

Refusal of the Call

Leaving behind the comfort of the known and stepping into the unknown is often anxiety provoking

This like, every week, for 4 years, without me doing anything.

Bad Andrea, bad!

People praised it and friends told me to do something out of it!

I guess I was trying to figure out what do, how to do it or I had better things to focus on and not enough time for it. I guess that was the excuse at least! :) #sideprojects!

Supernatural Aid

Once the call has been accepted, whether consciously or unconsciously, help often appears to aid the hero on their journey

Now, since friends and amazing people I’ve worked with or mentored me kept telling me I should actually doing something with the website and my growing subscribers lists, and I saw them getting even more excited about it then me, I finally put myself in front of the screen and made a little plan to make something out of it.

So years after the first (and only) newsletter update, and with the help of some people around me, we drafted a sort of plan to go forward with it and the first step was to, guess what? Send another newsletter! Activate the community!

Threshold Guardians

As the hero approaches the threshold, people, circumstance or even the hero’s own fears and doubts block the hero’s path

So we got to prepare a few updates, some emails to send in a sequence and get ready to launch the first “campaign”, we are all so excited, and we finally hit send!

What happened next?

We got blocked by our mailer provider. Doh!

Apparently I might have waited a bit too long to send an update and probably a good bunch of subscribers in that list either forgot about it or just didn’t give a fart about it anymore. Got a little open rate and even if not many, too many unsubscribes and mark as spam kind of responses.

Crossing the First Threshold

When the hero crosses this threshold, they do not know what will happen next, and there is no going back.

So here I am writing on Medium! Block this now! AH!

I might give the email newsletter another try, but if that won’t work I’ll keep writing in here (I might do that anyway). I’m trying to build something organically, being open and honest while searching for support from people that already care about it.

What will come next is not part of a master plan or a quick solution to achieve something. Rather is just one of many ways I found to take a step towards making a better product, create value and keep this project sustainable.

If you want to know how the story continues:

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Really hoping in a happy ending!

Read what happened next!