Why Product Development Needs to Change With the Times

Agile MVPs and UxD MLPs

Users do not just want their needs to be met; they want to be delighted. The product shouldn’t just meet their needs, but encourage a positive emotional response.

Applying agility to product development

Client’s perspective
Client’s perspective
Developer’s and Designer’s perspectives
Developer’s and Designer’s perspectives

Big ideas are nothing without good UxD consideration and execution. The bare minimum is rarely the right solution for users’ needs.

The bare necessities…

How to manage an MLP

There is a need to balance the intersection of each product dimension: business, technology, and people. Focusing on users helps build the right product to satisfy needs and expectations while maintaining engineering quality and delivery effectiveness.

  1. Focus on the why — validate business assumptions to try to understand what users really value in order to build something with a purpose.
  2. Align business stakeholders — share outcomes and objectives with everyone so all stakeholders are on the same page regarding MLP expectations.
  3. Stay lean and agile — always remember that M in MLP stands for the minimum (exactly the same in MVP). While you’re focusing on delighting users, remember the goal is still to be agile.
  4. Customer feedback — find out what the users feel when using it. Seek qualitative feedback and take decisions with this in mind to address user experience gaps quickly.
  5. Test, iterate and repeat — this is not the final version of the product!

Building up user value through MLP

Which one creates a memorable experience?

The time and effort of developing a series of functionalities identified by the business are the same when we limit less important features and develop features that trigger positive emotional responses instead. This way, the product release will be loved by end-users, making their lives safer and their tasks easier and faster.

The bottom line on ‘loveability’

Approach products and safety systems this way

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User experience design (UxD) shapes many of the products and services that surround our day-to-day lives.

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