GO JUICE Drive-through Coffee App

Even though my awesome instructors, Alex and Meredith, gave me leeway to not turn in this prototype on time since I missed two critical classes, I still chose to turn it in hoping for some constructive peer review.

After some research, I created a mind map, empathy diagram and user flow. The user for this app is someone who is in transit and not interested in a coffee shop experience; they just want their coffee or espresso drink and to get on with their day. Their main pain point is waiting in line at the local coffee shop drive through and causing a traffic jam spilling out onto the main road. The user is sitting in traffic to get to the drive through, then the actual waiting in line at the drive through makes them and others irritated, and can cause anxiety that they may be late to their next destination. This coffee drinker wants to wake up and arrive to school/work/day care, while drinking coffee in his or her car, and start the day on time. The user’s main desire is a stream line a way to pre-order coffee and have it waiting at their local drive through without any hassle.

The coffee business, GO JUICE, is strictly a drive-through or walk up counter. On the business side, the app does allow for quick pre-payment, a rewards system to keep track of customer loyalty, a favorite item in the preferences to understand the consumer, and also allows the purchaser to tip the barista/clerk in advance. The app will also be attached to a buyer’s cell phone number in the setting so there is no confusion in name, which can be a pain point for both the consumer and the clerk. From the app data a label of the order and the last 4 or 5 digits of cell phone, name, and pick up time will be created, and the coffee or latte is waiting for buyer at the window of the drive-through for ease of pick up, and to lessen the hassle of waiting in a car line and holding up traffic.

It was hard to simplify this to 1–2 items/swipes per page, and I thought I would re-draw all of the pages, but then chose to just go with it and work on the details later after review. I will also receive a quick tutorial on how to make the drawings interactive on Marvel, which is important. This was fun to do and think it will be useful in an urban environment, such as Boston, NYC, Chicago and other major metropolitan areas.

Check out this interactive prototype called Go Juice Coffee App: https://marvelapp.com/7ga23ee

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