As most of my classmates know, I was terribly stoked to have as my capstone project in this course. is a ‘robot that takes notes for you’. This project is still in its early days, and it’s been exciting to sink our teeth into. We quickly got the impression the team we were working with was used to iterating in short sprints, so we decided on a Lean UX model.

On days 1 & 2 we were still in the process of familiarizing ourselves with this SaaS-y product. The verdict became that it was an impressive software, and a great idea, but mostly was a software and not quite a user-friendly site. As the week went on, we realized this software wasn’t as bare as we had initially thought, but instead was a fun puzzle for us to unlock.

*cue a features analysis*

I spent a lot of the last week trying to understand our user. After interviewing 9 people that fit the bill last week, I was comfortable enough to create two proto personas for our team work off of. Once we were ready to sketch we started pooling some of the hypotheses we began creating from our competitive analysis.

After chatting with our guy (and founder), Sam Gaddis, we were happy to hear a lot of the features we’re hoping to validate are within the realm of his possibilities. This week, we’re starting with an A, B, C test to see which of our dashboards is the most intuitive, and then begin usability testing a full flow.

Iterate, rinse, repeat!

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