Oh WebMD. So much content, so little trust. We were tasked with identifying a scope of a project on WebMD. After some competitive research, we formulated our interview questions to help us understand the mindframe of our users. We decided that the following two issues were of the highest concern, and thereby our scope:

Increase trustworthiness of site, by separating out ads.

Improve navigation/ search, by making it more available and pertinent to usage.

Using our data from our interviews, we created three personas. We decided to wireframe the user flow for Desperate Dave, a man seeking to figure out if his toe was broken.

initial sketches

With our more simplistic designs, we took our decluttered idea into wires. As we usability tested, we iterated our designs.

At the end of the day, we ended up decluttering the site, reorganizing navigation, clearly separating ads, as well as adding content to reinforce trust.

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