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Usability Testing with your Mac & iPhone

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

1. The Hardware Setup

You need a MacBook with its charger, an iPhone and a cable to connect the phone. You’ll need to keep the phone connected at all times.

2. The Positioning

You’ll be sitting beside your dear participant. This way you’ll both be in the video feed (that I describe below). You’ll be able to record both their reaction and your performance during the usability test; and learn from it.

3. Software

You’ll need an app called Quick Camera, QuickTime Player (already delivered by MacOS), Zoom and Mural.

The usability test prework

Now, of course, you’ll need to have the prework done:

  • You’ll need a printed-out test plan that you will follow during the test.
  • A prototype or app on the phone to test.
  • A gift to give to the Participant after the user test is done. My gift usually consists of a gift card or voucher that the Participant can use to buy themselves something nice.

About Usability Tests

This article doesn’t supply the whole workflow and etiquette of the usability test. You can learn about it reading these items:

The location

Choose a location where you won’t be bothered much. I did this kind of usability test in cafés mostly. A quieter location is even better.

Test it out beforehand

Grab a dear one and test it out first. Test any app on your phone to see this setup in action.

Let me know

Let me know in the comments if you used this setup and how it has worked out. Let me know of any other setup you used in the past and how it’s better (or not) than the one I presented here.



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