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Invite them into your process

Tips and tricks on how you can ease the cross-functional collaboration in the agile UX design process.

“A rowing team pushing along the waters near Metropolitan City of Florence” by Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash

Designers often have the unfortunate reputation of going off on their own and coming back with a supposed masterpiece. Great design often has the inaccurate reputation of being the product of bursts of divine inspiration. — Bruno Bergher

Make (small) workshops

Workshops strongly support cross-team communication and shared understanding; this way the team will stay on the same page.

Share insights from research

Invite your team to observe users


Developers & QA

Product people & management

Documentation writers



My thoughts and stories on UX, usability and Product Design

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Tom Kupka

Senior Product Designer @Productboard. My thoughts, stories and ideas on UX and Product Design | tomaskupka.com