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2021 — UX Tools Survey by UXness (launched)

UXness brings the annual UX and Design Tools preference & usage survey for the year 2021. Take part in this survey campaigns to share feedback about the design and UX tools you preferred working in this year.

Survey start date — Dec 05, 2021

Survey end date — Dec 25, 2021 (Extended)

Survey results — Last week of Dec 2021 (Date to be announced soon)

Link to the survey: https://forms.gle/fTjp3boa2Sq73ZAc6

About the survey

This survey is targeted to learn about UX & design tools getting used by UX professionals, students, etc. This is a yearly survey getting conducted by UXness Edulabs to understand the preference of using UX tools and bring insights. Participation in this survey study is voluntarily basis. After completion of this study, the insights & reports will be shared in public. Please note, in this survey, we do not ask for any personal details such as name, gender, contact details, employer name, location and email ID etc.

- Wireframing & Prototyping

- Digital whiteboarding

- Design handoff

- User research

- User behaviour analytics

- Virtual collaboration

Participation: Free, voluntarily basis

Completion duration: 3 minutes (approximate)

Contact: Please write us at team@uxness.in for more details.

Link to the survey: https://forms.gle/fTjp3boa2Sq73ZAc6


Maze (Gold Sponsor)

Maze — Rapid, remote testing platform for agile teams, from idea to launch.

UXTesting.io (Silver Sponsor)

Inviting Sponsors

Connect us at team@uxness.in to become the partner & sponsor for this campaign.

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