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Best UX tools for UX Researchers

Life of a UX researcher can be very challenging as UX research is a team sport. As a UX researcher, you need to have a great level of communication, engagement, multi tasking and work management skills. A typical day of a UX researcher can be very uncertain and have lots more surprises such as changes in the priority, pivoting the plans, cross functional team stakeholders engagements, planning the studies, running, analysis, reporting, readout, retrospection and sometimes helping the fellow research folks, a lot in a single day. Thanks to some amazing and helpful tools which can help make your life easier and systematic.

2021 UX Tools Survey by UXness — User research

Google forms and User Interviews were the top choice User research tools by the participants. 26% participants who chose User Interviews were above 10 years of experience. Surprisingly Miro tool became the choice of 23% participants in user research.

Check 2021 UX Tools survey report

User Research apps


Check UserZoom>

MeasuringU MUIQ

Check MUIQ>

More: UXTesting, Zoom, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Dscout, OptimalWorkshop

Session schedule management

Managing the participants schedules & sessions can be a challenging task when you are involved in multiple studies or targeting multiple personas. Below tools can be helpful to make these tasks easier:


Check Calendly>

More: Airtable

Recruitment management


Check UserInterviews>

More: Respondent.io

Data analysis


Check Miro>

Check UserInterviews>

More: Respondent.io


Check Dovetail>

More:, Reframer, Reduct.video

Agile & development sync


Check Jira>

More: Sharepoint, Confluence

UX Analytics tools

Google Analytics

Check Google Analytics>


Check Qualtrics

More: Hotjar, Mouseflow ,ContentsSquare (previously Clicktale)

Check UX Tools catalog >>

2020 UX Research Tools Map by User Interviews:

References: https://www.userinterviews.com/ux-research-field-guide-chapter/user-research-tools

Check UX Tools catalog

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