🟢 🟠 Free Webinar — “Strategies for Building a Resilient DesignOps Practice”

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Jun 6, 2023


Grab your morning coffee, afternoon snack, or late night pizza — wherever you are located in the world — and join us for a free online webinar with DesignOps experts.

Great news! We’re hosting a free event with DesignOps Assembly about building a resilient DesignOps practice. Join us.

Sign up here 👉 Strategies for building a resilient DesignOps practice.

Adam Fry-Pierce, Meredith Black, and Salomé Mortazavi will discuss:

  • How to pinpoint the real needs of design teams.
  • How to rightsize the DesignOps practices.
  • How to establish critical cross-functional partnerships.
  • How to tell a story about ROI of DesignOps with the right metrics.

Join us 👉 Resilient DesignOps Strategies.

Date: June 28, 2023
Time: 9 AM PDT / 6 PM CEST
Where: Online
About: Building a resilient designops practice.



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