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Join free “Design Value Conference” that’s happening this month!

Join us for a day packed with actionable insights from top industry leaders!

Design is much more than creating the look and feel of a product, isn’t it? It has a real impact on people, processes, and business. Learn what you can do to increase the influence that design has in those areas!

We gathered top specialists who have influenced the way things are run in their companies to tell you their stories. It’s all for free!

The speakers are design and DesignOps practitioners who work at major companies, such as Uber Eats, Sirius XM, and PayPal.

Sign up and join us March 29, 2022 to hear what you can do to improve strategic planning, scale and build design teams, and create efficiencies at work.

Let’s introduce you to our speakers:

  • Maggie Dieringer, Design Operations Lead at Uber Eats, who helped grow the Design Program Management function from the ground up,
  • Erica Rider, Sr Manager UX at PayPal, who will talk about how she, together with her team, pioneered the next gen of DesignOps,
  • Salomé Mortazavi, Director of DesignOps at SiriusXM, who will tell you how she uses the Design Maturity Index to create business impact.
  • Omkar Chandgadkar, UX Design and Research Lead, who will share how he is reframing UX design as a “product offering” instead of a “process”.

You’ll learn:

  • how to be a more strategic leader, and influence decisions in the org
  • how to elevate design impact on the business and people involved
  • how to scale design in terms of processes, tools, workflow

Date: March 29, 2022
Time: 8 AM PST / 5 PM CET

Sign up for the Design Value Conference 2022.




A collection of the best insights from UXPin hosted webinars. Transcribed for an easier introduction into various topics ranging from enterprise to hands-on user experience.

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