Strategies for Communicating Research Insights

Kicking off the October edition of UXResearchTO at Wattpad’s beautiful headquarters!

At the beginning of October, UXResearchTO hosted a meetup focused on how we share insights from research with the people we work with. Here’s a quick summary of what we heard and links to the presentations/slides so you can take a look for yourself!

AJ Pangulan

Talk #1 — Communicating Research at Wattpad

AJ Panghulan, Product Designer @ Wattpad

Key Takeaways

  • Communicate the problem/objective up front
  • Involve everyone throughout the research process, not just at the end
  • Communicate frequent updates


AJ works on Wattpad’s Tap team, which creates short, immersive, stories through text messages. Wattpad’s product teams work to make it as easy as possible for everyone at the company to empathize with their users.

One of the ways they do that is through live-streaming user tests and interviews using Youtube and sharing that with the team through Slack. AJ also focused on how research needs to be proactive to generate and share the insights the team needs.

AJ’s presentation deck

Alec Levin

Talk #2 — Doing the Least

Speaker: Alec Levin (👈 me), User Researcher TWG

Key Takeaways

  • Lengthy research reports often make it hard to communicate insights with your team compared to short-form alternatives
  • If you’re working on a fast-moving team with high levels of trust, Slack Snippets can be a great medium for sharing research findings
  • If you are going to use Snippets, make sure stakeholders are involved at key points in the research process


The problem with research reports isn’t that they take too long to make—its that they aren’t an effective way to share research insights. Less is more when it comes to sharing research.

When working with a fast-moving team, I like to use Slack Snippets as the main way I share my research findings. They are fast, embedded in the core communication tool the team uses, and automatically saved for future reference.

My presentation deck

Jingjing Tan

Talk #3 — Nuggets

Speaker: Jingjing Tan, Product & User Researcher

Key Takeaways

  • Nuggets are a great way to capture and store research insights for the long-term
  • Keep your nuggets simple, you don’t need to keep track of everything to get started
  • Nuggets are designed to be easy to store and reuse in the future


Jingjing spoke about how she uses nuggets to capture and track and share research insights with her team over time. Building off of the great work done by Tomer Sharon at WeWork, Jingjing reduced the amount of info she tracks in nuggets to make it more manageable on a smaller team.

While WeWork built their own custom tool to track research nuggets, Jingjing manages all her nuggets in Asana, and is able to tag and communicate with team members in the nuggets themselves!

Thanks for reading! And special thanks to Wattpad for being such wonderful hosts.

If you’d like to get involved, become a sponsor, or have any questions please get in touch!