User Experience is basically the value that interaction, adds to a product or a service.It is exactly what it says, how users experience products. That’s why there can be several definitions for UX, anyone can define it in their own ways.

let’s think about our experiences,

  • you entered a supermarket and see the vegetable section, you know fruits are somewhere near and the same chain of supermarkets mostly have the same floor plan, so we know where to find chocolates.
  • you pay for Microsoft Windows OS even though Linux is free.
  • You google something rather than search in Yahoo, knowing Yahoo came first.
  • You bought an iPhone while the market has much cost effective phones with same features or more.

These are our own choices considering up to what extent it can fulfill our purposes, how easy to learn how to use, how fast and the feeling it can leave with us etc. In a business perspective, these products have understood human interactions and designed for people.

User experience is important for any industry, any business or any product because of the value and competitive advantage it can create for a business. Even if you are a software company or a hardware company, a hotel, grocery store or a clothing store, even an online business your products and services are consumed by people. You do all the marketing and your greatest asset would be your customers, the feeling that your product leaves behind is the key that customers come back or you succeed at selling to a new customer.

How market works can be different to each industry or each product, but now there are many choices, replacements and tomorrow there will be a more advanced product. In a competitive environment, you won’t win without having the customers love and loyalty. That’s where the UX comes in handy to business.

Companies have come to realize the importance of UX and adopt these ideas to improve how they serve to the customer. That’s why you end up buying a nice leather bag, classy watch, kids toy and several books when you just want to shop for a business book on Amazon.Therefore, delivering a high-quality User Experience is important for any business.

Experiencing well-designed product is simple, satisfying or maybe you don’t even think about it. But the thinking and sweat behind designing a great user experience is complex. It includes user research, understanding users backgrounds, observe the business process, Data and even competitors, psychology, designs and prototypes, developing an actual product, many struggles with tests and even marketing, selling. The process will be different to each product but it all needs to be user-centered.

UX is not only your website designing! It is about designing the whole process to give a better satisfaction to your consumers.