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How to Advocate and Articulate User Experience!

UX designer vs Stakeholder.

Designer vs. Stakeholder: Is there a shared understanding of UX design?

UI is part of UX, not a separate unit.

Look vs. Value

Why are stakeholders requesting more aesthetics?

Everyone is a designer, but is everyone a UX designer?

  1. UX designers do much more than just design beautiful things. We add value to the products. Do you remember Myspace, the social network before Facebook? Facebook destroyed Myspace with a better user experience and an understanding of the user’s needs and motivation. Isn’t the like button still one of the most popular features?
  2. People tend to emphasize the more visual side of the product instead of its value. You need to remember and reiterate that it is not about look but about the value that the design creates. Ask yourself, why is this product or feature important?
  3. Everyone has their expectations of a design. Try to familiarize yourself with their design preferences and use them to your advantage.
In reality, who is responsible for the design.

Misconception Amongst Designers

Stakeholders are as crucial as users.

Understanding stakeholders; why is this important?

Set feasible objectives!

Keep the objective at the center of the discussion.

Necessary Strategies in Responding to Stakeholders

What problem does it solve?

How does it affect the user?

Why is it better than the alternative?

The Best Tactics in Responding to Stakeholders

Show a comparison

Propose an alternative

Give them a choice

Ask others to weigh in

Postpone the decision

The ideal response!

Thank you, repeat, prepare

Identify the problem

Describe your solution

Empathize with the users

Appeal to the business

Lock in agreement



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